About Us

Founded in 1986, the company is established on 5000 sqm indoor space, employs 50 personnel and provides services as a key industry and sub-industry supplier for packing tapes, technical tapes (double-sided or customised cut), medical tapes and adhesive insulating foam.

Printed and unprinted packaging tapes, double-sided tapes, medical tapes, masking tapes, mounting straps, electrical insulating tapes, and surface protection films are amongst the product groups. We have got almost 100 types of products under the aforecited product groups, so we offer a selection of quality and price options.

We prefer wholesale trading. With our production capacity we have a leading position in the industry.

Having acquired PLAŞER A.Ş., in 1999, we also engage in import and export operations.

Importing from 7 countries and exporting to many territories, we are capable of responding fast to project-based specific product requirements.

Thanks to our extensive machinery, we offer different options for dimensions to ensure customers get maximum efficiency with minimum wastage and cost-effective workmanship rate.

Our company reserves a respected place in printed and unprinted packaging tape industry. We have flexo-printing machines that print up to ground +5 colors.

Our core value is good human touch. We intend to improve product range, expand machinery, recruit experienced and qualified personnel for increased customer satisfaction.

We have an ISO 9001-2000 quality management certificate, which serves a good proof of our service philosophy.