Adhesion depends on and varies by the physical and chemical structure of the receiving surface, surface energy, application and ambient temperature in addition to many other factors. Products that respond to needs and requirements may not always be readily available. Customized production or dimensioning may be required. When this is the case, we have experience and funds of knowledge to meet your needs and wants and to provide customized deliverables.
We nearly 100 types of tapes in our stocks. We also collaborate with expert manufacturers from all over the world so that we are capable of responding to customer requests for new product development.
Showing particular attention to sampling and sharing technical specifications for samples, the company offers different product alternatives, and allows customers to compare quality and price.

Vision: “One Stop Shop”

Our core business is adhesive tapes. We aim at uninterrupted self- improvement. We intend to become a one-stop shop when it comes to adhesive tapes. We particularly care for the followings:

  • To develop project-based products,
  • To improve product range,
  • To keep safe product stocks,
  • To expand and renew machinery,
  • To offer customized dimension options